Alaska Science of Reading Symposium 2024

Thank you for attending the 2024 Alaska Science of Reading Symposium! Stay tuned for information on future events.


Implement change that effectively connects reading science with classroom and leadership practices to increase reading proficiency for students.

What does “Science of Reading” mean in Alaska?

The Science of Reading is an ongoing field of study that examines the last fifty years of research to determine the most effective way to teach reading. A scientific approach to reading instruction includes explicit, systematic, instruction in phonological awareness (sounds), phonics, fluency (ability to read accurately and at an appropriate rate), vocabulary, and comprehension.

What can attendees expect?

 Our challenge is to ensure every child is proficient in reading with access to skilled educators implementing evidence-based practices. Alaska’s Science of Reading Symposium will explore the research, its implications, and the urgency of action for students across our great state.


Ground Alaska education stakeholders in a cohesive understanding of the science of reading.

Engage in courageous conversations about Alaska’s reading performance and how to move the needle on student outcomes.

The 2024 Science of Reading Symposium would not be possible without the help of our partners: