2023 Presentation Recordings

Main Room and

Keynote Presentations

2023 AKSORS Kick off

Opening Keynote: How to Implement Systems Change for Sustainable Literacy Transformation – A Blueprint for Success Dr. Tracy White Weeden

What Success Looks Like – A Motivational Story with the Science of Reading Brent Conway

“The Symposium Seven:” Alaskan Educator TED Talks

Morning Keynote: Empowered: Building Knowledge and Strengthening Practice to Improve Reading Outcomes Kymyona Burk

Lunch (Award Recognition)

Keynote: How Culture and Language Affect Reading Development Julie Washington

Screening of “The Right to Read” Remarks from Kareem Weaver

Closing Keynote Sold a Story: How Teaching Kids to Read Went So Wrong Emily Hanford

Day 2

Breakout Sessions

Science of Language and Learning in Early Childhood by Lucy Hart-Paulson

Lead the Systems Change Based on the Science of Reading by Brent Conway

Building a Data-Driven Science of Reading System by Susan Lambert

Maximizing the Effectiveness of Reading Instruction by Dr. Holly Lane Dr. Valentina Contesse

Teachers-as-Designers of NISN’s K-12 Native Literature Curriculum 

Joshua Krause Stacey Coonsis Diane Katzenmeyer-Delgado Jerusha Ignacio

Weaving the Writing Rope Through Content Areas: An Overview for Administrators by Lisa Klein

Weaving the Writing Rope Through Content Areas: An Overview for Teachers by Lisa Klein

Freedom within Form: Balancing Consistency and Autonomy in Supporting Staff by Tricia Skyles

Middle School Comprehension Strategies for Expository Text by Allison Peck

Foundational Reading Skills: Building Strong Readers by Dr. Holly Lane Dr. Valentina Contesse

Using the Science of Reading to Teach Spelling Marybeth Flachbart

Structured Literacy for Grades 4-12 by Suzanne Carreker

Day 3

Breakout Sessions

Getting It Right This Time: Disallowing the Tragic Flaws of our Past by Elizabeth Bassford

From Cradle to Kindergarten: Building Pre-Reading Skills by Allison Layland Patti Permenter

Literacy Leadership as a Catalyst for Change by Kymyona Burk

Raven Writes: Culturally Relevant Writing Curriculum in Action by Marnita Coenraad and Danielle Hass

Talking Points for Teachers by Kristi Graber Hollins Emili

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